Punishing Gray Raven Codes (April 2022) Updated

Punishing Gray Raven Codes (April 2022) Updated

Punishing Gray Raven is a hack and slash mobile game with several different characters and weapons to select. The game is performing almost everything right and has many capabilities in the fortune due to its regular update. Read this article to learn how to activate the Punishing Gray Raven gift codes traded for black cards, constructs, supply blue tickets, and other items.


  • LIGHTNING-FAST COMBAT ACTION: Engage yourself in stylish, high-speed fighting action. Rapidly control your squad members in real-time 3D battles, tag between your team members mid-fight, champion each character’s different moves. Pin enemies down with quick combos, then mash your adversaries with your powerful techniques via an easy-to-use match-3 capacity system.
  • BUILD A HOME BEYOND THE BATTLEFIELD: Alleviating from barbarity, let the super cute characters and warm dorms seamlessly lessen your pressure. Adorn each dorm from a different style of themes. Engage yourself in the peace, for you’re fighting.
  • AN AUDITORY ASSAULT: Dance across the battleground in a harmony of devastation, supported by the pulsing beats of the dramatic soundtrack. From ambient, atmospheric roads to battering drum & bass, Punishing Gray Raven is as much a delight for the ears as the eyes.
  • EXPLORE A RUINED WORLD: Explore through a wide span of unique environments, from evacuated city streets to abandon warzones, towering megastructures, and conceptual virtual realms. Take the war against the Corrupted to harsh polar battlegrounds and even beyond Earth’s gravity in a frequently expanding cinematic story.

List Of Punishing Gray Raven Codes

CodesRewardsExpires In
pbnia6p0gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (Global version)2022
pb5dj6s0gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (Global version)2022
pbmw3z30gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (Global version)2022
pgrgift0gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (Global version)2021
pbmyznr0gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (Global version)2021
kximntpnhsry0gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards (CN version)2021
rbhegkd0gRedeem this gift code for x100000 Cogs (Global version)2021
rbifabp0gRedeem this gift code for x8 Overclock material (Global version)2021
rbdw5ju0gRedeem this gift code for x10 Skill Point (Global version)2021
rbsbvgd0gRedeem this gift code for x5 Cons Exp Pod (Global version)2021
rbybk3k0gRedeem this gift code for x250 Black Card2021
rbifabp0gRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2021

How To Redeem punishing Gray Raven Codes?

  • Open the game and click on the benefits icon located right side of the game screen.
  • A new window will appear to tap on the ‘Redeem Codes’ tab.
  • Paste the codes we provided above in the ‘Pack Code Redemption’ area.
  • Tap on the ‘Exchange’ button, and you get a reward immediately in-game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many black cards can you buy in Punishing Gray raven?

From every day and weekly missions, you can buy 1210 Black Cards each week, and in a month, you can average around 4840 black cards a month.

Is Punishing Gray Raven pay to gain a victory?

Punishing Gray Raven persists in a competitive game for free and pays to win performers. The game can be finished and is fun to play even if you are a free-to-play player.

Is gray raven punishing 64-bit games?

If you want to strive for it, you can download the latest 64-bit installer here on the updates page, as for some reason, the 64-bit installer linked to on the homepage is a former version.


In this article, we provide you with the most updated punishing Gray raven codes and get the guidelines for using these codes to get multiple advantages. The excellent features or exhilarating regulations force you to download this game. So, without wasting your time, download this game and enjoy the numerous benefits.

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