Magnum Quest Codes (April 2022) Updated

Magnum Quest Codes (April 2022) Updated

Would you like free rewards in offline mode? Take part in this Magnum quest. Earn rewards offline and collects unique heroes for team building in this game. Read this article to learn how to activate the Magnum Quest codes for gold coins, dragon shards, scrolls, and other exclusive items.


  • Stunning 3D graphics: 3D Interface, complicated character models, and excellent, unique effects skills assist you in enjoying the game. Get frozen in the BOSSES hurricane, touch the fires of the dungeon dragons, and have an immersive visual dinner.
  • Summon Legendary Heroes: Collect legendary heroes from six genres: Fortress, wild, divine Forest, shadow, and Abyss. Champion factional characteristics and counter techniques create the powerful 5-player squad to affect the Armada continent.
  • Building strategic skills: Shield, leech, taunt, repel, freeze, stun are all skills. Strategies and skills will let you win incredible achievements.
  • Explore Imaginary Worlds: Armada continent is a world full of vision, leading your heroes to battle in fantasy jungles and endless deserts.

List Of Magnum Quest Codes

CodesRewardsExpires In
giftcodeRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewardsApr 2022
mqgift2022Redeem this gift code for damantite Dragon Scales x10, Customize Chest of Light x20, Golden Hammer x1 and A Chest of Gold (24-hour) x5Jun 2022
arcanecardRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2022
thanksgivingRedeem this gift code for Dragon Shards x1000, Turkey Pies x50, and A Chest of Idle Rewards (6-hour) x42022
Fbfan100kgiftRedeem this gift code for Draw Coupons x10, Customize Chest of Light x20, Gold x1000K, and A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (6-hour) x42022
Halloween2021Redeem this gift code for 4 Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (6-hour), 60 Gold Soul Dice, 10 Draw Coupons, and 120 Silver Soul Dice2022
herovoiceRedeem this gift code for 4 Hero XP Scrolls (6-hours), 1000K Gold, and 10 Draw Coupons2022
mqharvestRedeem this gift code for 300 Dragonshards, 10 Draw Coupons, Beryls 24h, Hero XP Scrolls 24h, and A Chest of Gold 24h2022
Mq123Redeem this gift code for Divinity Hero Sur x1, Silver Soul Dice ×60, Beryl x300, and Gold x100K2022
Mq999Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2022
magiclistRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2022
ilovefatherRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2022
mq61Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2021
ilovemomRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards2021
2021yearRedeem this gift code for x10 Gold Artisan Coin, x1 lone, x500 Dragonshard, and other exclusive rewards2021
merryxmasRedeem this gift code for x300 Dragonshard, x2020k Gold Coin, x10 EXP, x120 Silver Soul Dice, x2050 Beryl, x10 Draw Coupon, and other exclusive rewards2021

To avoid any mistakes, please make sure you’re entering the redemption code shown in the above table in the game.

How To Use Magnum Quantum Codes?

Do you know how to enter the codes in Magnum Quest? Stop worrying! Let us assist. The process is pretty easy; you just need to follow a few steps.

  • Open the game. Click on the profile icon on the upper left side of the game screen.
  • A new window will appear to tap on the ‘Redemption Codes’ button.
  • Paste the codes we gave above in the ‘Enter Redemption Code’ section.
  • Tap on the ‘Correct’ arrow, and a reward is awarded immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do skills work in Magnum Quest?

Level 1 hero skills are the hero’s primary skills, and other skills will be accessible as the hero level rises. As the level upgrade, the hero becomes powerful.

What is haste in the Magnum Quest game?

The bottom circle provides the option of haste, along with blow and manual damage. Haste is a  rare stat in the game. When the game offers haste, use it. Take advantage of this opportunity.

How can I farm Magnum Quest?

Magnum Quest requires patience and training to fully understand, so be polite to the Heroes and their luggage. Gain free resources from the shop daily and look for deals to help you gather resources.


Magnum Quest is inspired by the traditional gameplay model of collectible MMOs but in a rarely modified form. Strategies and skills will let you win surprising successes. This game will never fatigue some critical knowledge about codes you have to. The codes mentioned here are all valid so you can play more efficiently. Consequently, you should get playing now! Hurry up and download the game to kill your boredom.

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