Time Princess Codes (June 2022) Updated

Time Princess Codes (June 2022) Updated

Dress up Time Princess is a butterfly effect game where you play as a unique freshwoman. The latter roams around in time, arising in ancient periods as some of the vastly stylish women in the past. The name indicates that it’s the central priority of dressing up. Are you wanted to upgrade your outfit level? The central thing in the game is to compile and improve your outfit level. You can perform by collecting several outfits, preparing outfits, and compiling different pets, providing a gift to your outfit level.

This game manipulates several components and has a ton of unique features for this genre. It’s a gorgeous game with all the various tales and visuals.


  • Wedding sets for everyone: Dress Up! Time Princess will require performers an abundance of prizes if distinct enrollment milestones are hit. This contains numerous valuable in-game commodities for up to 100,000 pre-orders.
  • A deep and complex story: The game requires much more than just being a path to nearly try on an abundance of dresses from various intervals. There’s also a deep and complex story for performers to admire, too, that catches a glimpse of them touring through a time where they’ll suffer a different spin on famous ancient scenes.
  • Unrivaled Dress Up gameplay: Of course, though the outfits only are a fraction of the all-around game, it quite requires to be pinpointed just how much the developers struggle have put in it. The whole game has been made in 3D to take the beautiful outfits to life.
  • Craft Gifts to Raise Goodwill: Giving gifts to a character also raises goodwill. Make sure the gift’s tags match with a character’s “Likes” tags. You will want to blend two several gift substances to craft a prize.

List Of Dress Up Time Princess Codes

CodesRewardsAdded on
YAY100K100 StaminaMar 2022
ROYAUMEDESBETES2220 Clothing Material BoxMar 2022
LIVEMARS22200 DiamondsMar 2022
503BV45 Clothing Material Box and 30 StaminaMar 2022
WDZ7PI5 CottonMar 2022
TP83ZR3 Gold Ticket and 10,000 GoldMar 2022
TRVLKECE50 Stamina, 3 Gold Tickets and 100 DiamondsMar 2022
J2N4BN10,000 Gold, 5 Maud’s Gratitude and 100 DiamondsMar 2022
3M592A10,000 Gold, 5 Maud’s Gratitude and 100 DiamondsMar 2022
MM9G9730 Diamond and 1 Gold TicketMar 2022
FL0R1SIM52 Gold TicketsMar 2022
FURR0S3NTP100 StaminaMar 2022
BKY2J63 Gold TicketsMar 2022
B6RG8D100 Diamond and 100 StaminaMar 2022
3G66H5200 Diamond and 10 Maud’s GratitudeMar 2022
FR3ESO20 Clothing Material BoxMar 2022
LZZ6BO300 DiamondsMar 2022
G9ZNRA2 Gold TicketsMar 2022
ME7CT720 Clothing Material BoxMar 2022
LZ6ME350 DiamondsMar 2022
SOLGMID100 Stamina, 10 Clothing Material Box and 10 Lantern Gift BoxMar 2022
10KVOYAGEUSES2 Gold TicketsMar 2022
BUKUFAVTP1 Gold Ticket, 100 Diamond and 100 StaminaMar 2022
YK2FKP10 Gold TicketsMar 2022
H5YACU5 PlumageMar 2022
DEVCHATA200 Diamond and 100 StaminaMar 2022
PRINCESSGALA202210 Gold TicketsMar 2022
LIVEFEVRIER22200 DiamondsMar 2022
TPITALIA100 Stamina and 1 Gold TicketMar 2022
MANOIRFANTOME2220 Clothing Material BoxMar 2022
MERCI222 Gold TicketsMar 2022
4VAST710,000 GoldMar 2022
QV6QVT3 Passion Potion and 20 StaminaMar 2022
HELLOTP100 Stamina, 10 Parven’s Memento, 10 Maud’s Gratitude and 1 Gold TicketMar 2022
TPRILISID100 Stamina, 10 Clothing Material Box, 10 Lantern Giftbox and 1 Gold TicketMar 2022
YFK4GA5,000 Gold and 50 DiamondFeb 2022
KRAWATTE1 Gold Tickets and 100 DiamondFeb 2022
BYZMEX5 SilkFeb 2022
JBAY7F10 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
VY4V3S2 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
FAMGUU100 StaminaFeb 2022
HAPPY22222 Diamond and 222 StaminaFeb 2022
EJAG531 Gold Ticket and 1 Silver TicketFeb 2022
PRONTOC4T4LIN4100 StaminaFeb 2022
F4NT4SMITAS2 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
AJNK9M2 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
E664ZN20 Clothing Material BoxFeb 2022
WBQMTE5 Passion PotionFeb 2022
KUAILEYUANXIAO20 Maud’s Gratitude, 15 Clothing Material Box(S), 15 Lantern Giftbox(S) and 5 Gold TicketFeb 2022
EMBVTZ10 Lovers Chocolate and 5 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
DXYSXX30 Diamond and 30 StaminaFeb 2022
ZNEZ7410 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
S6RS2S5 LeatherFeb 2022
CAISHENDAO8 Gold Tickets, 188 Diamond and 1888 GoldFeb 2022
Z6AV9Q20 Stamina 5 Parven’s MementoFeb 2022
DJR58J5 Meow OrganicsFeb 2022
GUONIANHAO50 Clothing Box Material(S) and 10 Gold TicketsFeb 2022
9KDISCORD100 DiamondFeb 2022
Y285YD30 Diamond and 3 Silver TicketFeb 2022
UFU8YA5 WoolJan 2022
FA22EB2 Gold TicketsJan 2022
YMHSBY100 StaminaJan 2022
8KDISCORD100 DiamondJan 2022
NOUVELAN20225 Passion PotionJan 2022
T8BDM63 Gold TicketsJan 2022
R83Q5Y200 Diamond and 10 Maud’s GratitudeJan 2022
TEFFSV100 StaminaJan 2022
VG5VX65,000 Gold and 5 Cuddle PotionJan 2022
QVH5C25 Lantern Gift Box, 5 Nutri Feed and 5 Cuddle PotionJan 2022
CQ35HN100 Stamina, 50 Diamond, 5 Maud’s Gratitude and 5 Silver TicketJan 2022
PMGBGK50 DiamondJan 2022
BOSQUE100100 StaminaJan 2022
J4MONESTP2 Gold TicketsJan 2022
7HNW642 Gold TicketsJan 2022
VU5R28100 StaminaJan 2022
HY4Y323 Gold TicketsJan 2022
ZQ4VED10 Gold TicketsJan 2022
VZ9J2430 Stamina and 5 Nutri FeedJan 2022
MYN8HT5 PearlJan 2022
M4NT1C0R4ES100 StaminaJan 2022
TRAP0G3NES100100 StaminaJan 2022
G5ZW5R1 Promise Potion and 5 Parven’s MementoJan 2022
862CKA2 Gold TicketsJan 2022
3BSNRF20 Clothing Box MaterialJan 2022
6YZ84B5 CottonJan 2022
U9372F10 Gold TicketsJan 2022
HAPPY2022300 DiamondJan 2022
Y3CRNM200 Stamina2021
P3WAX55 Gold Tickets2021
DWXAEC200 Diamond2021
XDNTCF100 Stamina, 50 Diamond, 5 Clothing Material box and 5 Silver Ticket2021
EKMATF5 Cuddle Potion, 5 Nutri Feed and 5 Lantern Giftbox2021
RJHGZG20 Stamina and 3 Mew Organics2021
TPREWIND2021300 Diamond2021
C4LV1TT0ES100 Stamina2021
CLE0PATR4212 Gold Tickets2021
HACTPOEHUE10,000 Gold and 5 Maud’s Gratitude2021
KOTIKI3 Gold Tickets2021
SMENKR3 Silver Tickets2021
R9R69W100 Stamina and 3 Gold Ticket2021
EMMAXMAS21200 Diamond2021
MERRYWISHES5 Candy Cane, 5 Moscow Globe, 5 Snowflake, 1 Lucky Gold Bag and 3 Gold Ticket2021
HW9QCA5 Silver Tickets and 5 Cuddle Potion2021
REVEILLONDENOEL100 Diamond, 2 Candy Cane, 2 Moscow Globe, 2 Eternal Snowflake, 1 Lucky Gold Bag and 1 Gold Ticket 2021
W3GNK910 Gold Tickets 2021
EYSKWN5 Feather2021
9BWCXS2 Gold Tickets2021
U6HPWN10,000 Gold2021
7000ABONNES100 Diamonds2021
UNS24G100 Stamina, 5 Silver Ticket and 10 Maud’s Gratitude2021
CKOPO202210,000 Gold and 5 Maud’s Gratitude2021
M4ZAP4N21100 Stamina2021
L4FACL4US2 Gold Tickets2021
7Q4RQU5,000 Gold and 5 Maud’s Gratitude2021
CADEAUXDENOEL10 Clothing Box Material2021
DC8Z9N5 Mew Organics2021
SUGOROKUJP3 Gold Tickets2021
GW6ER95 Silk2021
EDSVU950 Diamonds and 3 Passion Potion2021
ADV13NT02 Gold Tickets2021
SNEGYRKA100 Diamond2021
DIAMSDENOEL100 Diamond2021
NIKOLAUSTAG50 Stamina, 50 Diamond and 5 Maud’s Gratitude2021
42QTGB10 Gold Tickets2021
CALENDRIER20212 Gold Tickets2021
Z35DNV5,000 Gold and 5 Silver Ticket2021
X2UDMA5,000 Gold2021
NOEL202110,000 Gold and 10 Maud’s Gratitude2021
KR3KBS Redeem this code for 50 Stamina 2021
YAXU34 Redeem this code for 50 Stamina and 50 Diamond 2021
Z4N97Z Redeem this code for 3 Gold Tickets 2021
BWADVX Redeem this code for 20 Stamina and 5 Parven’s Memento 2021
89U2WC Redeem this code for 5 Wool 2021
EMMAHALLOWEEN Redeem this code for 100 Stamina 2021
THANKYOUHALF Redeem this code for 5 Gold Tickets and 100 Diamonds 2021
FANTOMESTP Redeem this code for 10 Clothing Gift Box 2021
PAT1N35 Redeem this code for 3 Gold Tickets 2021
3MBRUJ4DAS Redeem this code for 10,000 Gold and 10 Parven’s Memento 2021
GGBTSM Redeem this code for 5 Pearl 2021
HSFBGU Redeem this code for 5 Lantern Gift Box and 2 Silver Tickets 2021
RMM39J Redeem this code for 3 Silver Tickets 2021

How To Use dress up Time princess Codes?

  • Install the Dress Up Time Princess app.
  • Tap your profile photo at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Others.
  • Click on Redemption Code. Then paste your code correctly in the space and press Enter.
  • Examine if the prizes come in your inbox successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interact with princess outfit dress-up time?


You can interact with your open friends in the Lantern. Friends will award you for interacting with them by blessing random gift cartons, relics, and medals. Colleagues can be found in the Lantern once their tale has been bought.

How many chapters are in Dress up Time Princess?

This tale consists of two chapters, with each having various phases.


If you adore princesses as vastly as I commit, you require downloading this app. The drawings, tales, and interactivity are among the fortunate I’ve watched in a smartphone app. I’m surprised that this game is available for free. Dress Up! Time Princess is the absolute princess dress-up fiction.

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