Darkness Rises Coupon Codes (April 2022) Updated

Darkness Rises Coupon Codes (April 2022) Updated

Are you accustomed to action gameplay, and you’re now tired of finding the right one? So keep patience, and let me tell you about the action-played game recently launched called Darkness rises. This article teaches about the Darkness Rises codes used for gems, gold, tickets, accessories, costumes, and other items. Don’t stop reading if you want to benefit from this game. Swipe down to get the excellent features of this game.


  • Adventure RPG: Cut and slash your way through monsters and hordes of monsters. Single-player RPG mode allows you to face the demonic troop on your own. Explore the many levels of dark prisons.
  • Epic boss battles: This Role Playing game with questioning boss wars will put your mastery to the test. PvE battles grow more severe as you bet deeper into the abyss.
  • Best RPG Experience: Enjoy epic visuals that will fascinate you into the nation of Darkness Rises. Use the Soul Link power to seize control of devils and turn your opponents against themselves. Take legendary heroes on prison raids. Gather your supporters to explore menacing dungeons.
  • Character Customization: The Character producer lets you create your character from the surface up. Warrior, Assassin, Wizard, or Berserker, select your class and tumble into darkness.

List Of Darkness Rises Codes

CodesRewardsExpires In
HolidaywithdrRedeem this code for Rank S++ Gear Choice Chest and 2M Gold2022
IntotheunderworldRedeem this code for 3000 Gems and other exclusive rewards2022
THXDRGIVINGXORedeem this code for gold and other exclusive rewards2022
THANKSGIVINGWITHDRRedeem this code for 3000 Gems and other exclusive rewards2022
mazemagicloopRedeem this code for gold and other exclusive rewards2022
DRALWAYSTHX2URedeem this code for Rank L Gear Choice Chest, Rank L Refining Stone Chest, and 3000 Gems2022
Spookydr2021Redeem this code for Rank S++ Gear Choice Chest and 2M Gold 2021
DRSTREAMX820Redeem this code for Rank S++ Gear Choice Chest and Rank L Polish Chest2021
X820DRAGONRedeem this code for 3M Gold and Rank L Refining Stone Chest2021
1095DAYSDRRedeem this code for Rank S Pet Egg and exclusive rewards2021
DR3RDPARTYRedeem this code for 50M Gems and exclusive rewards2021
LetsgoDRRedeem this code for 3000 Gems and exclusive rewards2021
JUNESTREAM621X1Redeem this code for Rank S++ Accessories Chest and Costume Deco Chest2021

How To Use Darkness Rises Codes?

It’s time to figure out how to use these codes for enjoyable gaming. Here are some tips to prevent a hitch.

  • Open the game and tap on the menu icon in the lowest left corner of the game screen.
  • A new window will appear to click on the ‘Options’ tab and tap on the ‘Enter Coupon’ area. 
  • Please paste the codes we provided above in the ‘Please enter the coupon number’ section.
  • Tap on the ‘OK’ button, and you get the award immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wake up a character in the Darkness Rises game?

By attaining Level 100, your character opens Awakening Quests. You can finish them to wake up your feeling.

What are upgrade stones used for in darkness rises?

Do not use them on your Rank D, C, and B luggage. Save them for your Rank A gear, instead. Best used to promote specific Set gears to prevent random Rank S set bags.

How do I continue Darkness Rises?

You have to first tap on the restart button. Once you smash it, a dialog box will appear, and make sure you wish to restart the game. Tap on yes, and you will begin again in the darkroom where you have to flicker the fire.


A mystery and unique devils keep the player engaged in the game. In addition, the Sequential Battle characteristic and Blacksmith make the game stand out. Redeeming codes makes this game simple. You can exchange these codes for different ones. With these tips, tricks, and strategies, you’ll breeze through the game in no time.

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